Sugaring Near Me in NYC, New York

Tired of those unwanted hair? Need hairless and flawless skin? Looking for Sugaring Salon Near you in NYC

If yes, the Hibba beauty is your one stop solution . Whether you are in NYC, Soho, Madison or Columbus Circle, you can count on Hibba Beauty. We ensure the most affordable and high quality hair removal, which no other beauty salon near you in NYC can match with.

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Why Trust Hibba NYC?

It is about your skin and you need nothing less than the best, right? There are a lot of fly by night salons opening up and closing just as quickly. While some lack the skills and technique which needs to administer the Sugaring for yielding good results, others are highly expensive. So, you need to look for a salon in NYC that has a lot of experience in the procedure and offer reasonably priced services.

If you have been searching for the best Sugaring Salon near you for hair removal service in NYC, then your search ends with Hibba. We are readily available at Columbus Circle salon on Broadway, Hibba Soho on W. Broadway and Hibba Madison located on Madison in NYC.

Let us serve you and your skin with utmost comfort and hairless skin. Navigate to nearby location to get painless Sugaring

How Hibba Beauty Can Help You With Sugaring?

For those who found waxing to be too extreme of their taste or are tired of the constant shaving, you can still keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and beautiful.

Hibba Beauty offers a perfect way to remove your unwanted hair by Sugaring. Being very gentle on the skin, this process includes application of a solution which water-based and water-soluble. Yes, the Sugaring solution will neither stick to your skin nor it will pull on the skin harshly, like the waxing does.

Need a painless method to get rid of unwanted hair? Trust Hibba Beauty.

And here are listed numerous benefits associated with Sugaring over waxing and shaving. Take a look at a few of the most-appreciated advantages:

Non-sticky solution:

The sugar solution does not stick to live skin cells like wax does. Hence, there is far less discomfort involved in the Sugaring technique. Not to mention, even the damage caused to the skin is less as compared to other methods. So, with it you will observe less redness, meanwhile having beautiful, smooth skin when the process is over.

Different function:

The sugaring process is really different from other processes. For instance, during your waxing session, wax solution sticks to your hair and then it pulled off forcefully. But in Sugaring, the solution seeps into hair follicles to lubricate and loosen the hair from the follicle. Thus, making extraction gentle and more complete as compared to waxing!

You will be surprised to know that waxing can leave behind as much as 30% of hair due to breakage during extraction. This problem is greatly lessened through Sugaring.

A natural process:
A major benefit of Sugaring is that it is 100% natural. Hence, if you’re concerned about what you’re putting on your skin, you’ll appreciate this benefit. Hence, when you opt for Sugaring hair removal from Hibba Beauty in New York City, you’ll know exactly what is being applied to your skin is natural and safe.

Better results:

Yes, Sugaring promises amazing outcomes by making it possible to remove very short stubble with ease.

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How much does Sugaring Hair Removal Costs?

Sugaring hair removal is generally more expensive than waxing because it’s not as commonly found. But at Hibba you can get the sugaring at the same price of waxing. We do sugaring at very reasonable price. It cost between $15.40 – $100, generally cost depends on the area of sugaring. Underarm sugaring costs $15.40, whereas Brazilian sugaring waxing costs $99 at Hibba NYC. Average cost of Sugaring hair removal at Hibba NYC is <$25. If you are regular Salon goer in NYC, you can opt for Hibba membership packages to save bucks on your beauty treatments. We have below three packages.

Choose your membership now!

Silver Membership

$29.99 a month


  • Brazilian (sugar or wax).
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 30% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional service
  • 5 % off any products purchased in-store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Platinum Membership

$41.99 a month


  • Brazilian (wax or sugar).
  • Brow shaping (by any Browologist).
  • Upper lip threading.


  • 40% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off of products purchased in store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Gold Membership



  • Full legs.
  • Brazilian (valid for both sugar and wax).
  • Brow shaping.
  • Upper lip threading.
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 50% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off products (in store only)
  • 10% for friends & family

Sugaring Prices at Hibba Beauty in NYC



Full Arms


Half Arms






Bikini Line


Full Bikini




Full Back


Half Back


Full Legs


Lower Legs


Upper Legs


Full Legs Bikini Line


Full Legs Full Bikini


Full Legs Brazilian


Butt Cheeks


Butt Crack


Back of Legs Thighs


Frequently Asked Sugaring Questions and Answers:

Can I get Sugaring on sensitive skin?

The good news is that any pigment or type of hair can be sugared. Being 100% safe, you can get it done even during your pregnancy. As Sugaring removes only the dead skin and hair, it will not cause any pain.

Does sugaring hurt as much as waxing?

Working with numerous clients, we have experienced that sugaring is far less painful than waxing. Along this, there will be less redness.

How often will I need a treatment?

The general rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks. But it can vary from person to person. Actually, it will depend on number of reasons including individual’s hair growth patterns and body part(s) to be treated.