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Whether summer or winter, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, pollution, and lots more. All these factors collectively make your skin appear dull and imbalanced. Isn’t it?

So, are you looking for a way to revitalize your skin? Do you need a treatment which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines?

Yes? Then perhaps you should consider the best facial services available at Hibba Beauty. We ensure you a simple and relaxing procedure which typically improves the appearance. Our experts make best use of their skills to exfoliate and purify your skin. Whether you have dry, oily or a combination of the two, Hibba Beauty proffers facial services which would work to even out the tone and texture of any face.

Need to have a facial in Soho, Madison, or Columbus Circle? at one of their three locations including their Columbus Circle salon on Broadway, Hibba Soho on W. Broadway and Hibba Madison located on Madison in NYC.

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Why Trust Hibba Beauty?

Hibba Kapil is an established name when it comes to skincare services. Being one of the premier eyebrow specialists in NYC, she runs three different salons in NYC, including Columbus Circle salon on Broadway, Hibba Soho on W. Broadway and Hibba Madison located on Madison.She is a reputed name in the beauty industry and offers top-notch quality facial services.

With an aim to provide finest skincare services, we target specific skin type and condition. The immediate effects of our facial treatment will be visible in the terms ofskin’s firmness and reduction in the appearance of aging signs.

How Hibba Beauty Can Help You With Facial Services?

You will get a wide range of customized facials targeted for your specific needs. The beauty experts make use of high quality skincare products to offer you a kind facial treatment with results which you can see and feel. We help you removing the outer skin layers and minimize the appearance of facial flaws including wrinkles, scars and blemishes.

Our professionals promise you a safe and effective facial treatment, along with a firmer and suppler skin. To have a sense of renewal and well-being, make a booking with us for excellent beauty treatment.

Below are listed some surprising benefits you will enjoy with our facial services:

  • Our experts offer intensive scrubbing to remove the dead cells from your skin.
  • No more you need to deal with the white-heads and black heads. At Hibba Beauty, we ensure removal of blockage in skin pores.
  • Your skin benefits with deep cleansing which is mandatory to keep you skin glowing.
  • During the facial, steam is provided to which help opens the skin pores and let your skin breathe easy.
  • We offer you facial massage which leads to better blood circulation, making your skin relax.
  • The facemasks applied to the skin causes your face skin turn bright, firm, and soft.

Enjoy uninterrupted pampering for yourself, meanwhile rejuvenating your skin, only at Hibba Beauty.

Choose Your Membership Package!

Silver Membership

$29.99 a month


  • Brazilian (sugar or wax).
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 30% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional service
  • 5 % off any products purchased in-store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Platinum Membership

$41.99 a month


  • Brazilian (wax or sugar).
  • Brow shaping (by any Browologist).
  • Upper lip threading.


  • 40% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off of products purchased in store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Gold Membership



  • Full legs.
  • Brazilian (valid for both sugar and wax).
  • Brow shaping.
  • Upper lip threading.
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 50% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off products (in store only)
  • 10% for friends & family

How much Does Facila cost in NYC

Cost of facial depends upon type and time of facial, We at Hibba NYC charges nominal price for facial

First Facial


Regular Facial


6 pack


Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

How often should you get a facial?
It depends on your skin type and condition. As per professional skin care experts, getting a facial once every month can be beneficial. Actually, it takes somewhere around 28 days for your skin to complete the skin cell turnover process. With regular skin care treatments you will be able to fight the dullness and aging signs.

What to expect during a facial?
Every expert follows a different procedure. Generally, it includes massage for your face, followed by steam to open up the pores, removal of dead skin cells through exfoliation, and then cleansing of your beautiful face.

Which facial is right for me?
There are several facial options to choose from. You need to have a facial consultation with our experts prior to your treatment. Once you are known to the most beneficial type, you can customize it for your particular skincare needs.