Brazilian Waxing Near Me in NYC

“Now Say Bye-bye to unwanted hair with Brazilian Waxing and get ready for summer!”

If you are searching for Beauty Salon near you in NYC for Brazilian waxing, Hibba Beauty is perfect solution , Bikini Waxing is our strength! We master a skill that makes our services fast and almost pain free for your safety and comfort. We just use Azulene wax, mixed with chamomile and honey for all skin types.

Hibba Kapil, an outstanding name in the beauty industry, has effectively marked her impression in Soho, Columbus Circle, and in Madison Eve as well.

Hibba Beauty is a Beauty Salon in NYC, which is possessed by Hibba Kapil – an Expert Esthetician. Hibba has a team of experts offering first rate benefits crosswise near you in NYC, Soho, Columbus Circle and Madison Eve. We wish to serve our customers as per their requirements in order to take care of our business in a positive way.

Below are our 3 premiere Bikini Waxing Salons in NYC

Why Hibba Beauty?

  • Our beauticians use branded and valid products with an aim of serving the clients at their best.
  • Our pros are trained and specialists offering all the services to the clients under one rooftop.
  • We guarantee that you have to pay the minimum for the best quality services.
  • Our objective is to make you look and feel amazing.

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Why People Choose Our Brazilian Waxing Services?

  • We organize and know the significance of Sanitary waxing practices.
  • We never double dip!
  • We wear gloves consistently
  • We clean our tools and equipment after every session
  • We are reasonable and offer discounts that will keep you coming back for more

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Our Step By Step Bikini Waxing Service

When you touch base at Hibba Beauty, you’ll be welcomed by a Guest Service Associate. Then, you need to wait for a while in the lobby where our Wax Specialist will come to welcome you and lead you into one of our private waxing suites. All our Wax Specialists are authorized experts.

And, yes, our Wax Specialist will ask you to take off your clothes starting from the waist before jumping on the bed. So, Don’t be shy – you look great!

Then, comes the following steps like;

  • We rinse the area to remove any kind of oil, cream or makeup that may diminish the quality of your wax from taking place.
  • Next, we secure the skin with our calming pre-wax oil.
  • Then, it’s the ideal time to wax, where we use wax made up of natural ingredients (Chamomile and honey).
  • At last, we revive the area by applying Aloe Vera, rosewater, and a quick use of cold compresses to alleviate your skin.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Reach us and Book an Appointment Now!
    “Look extremely Gorgeous with Hibba Beauty”

Choose your membership now!

Silver Membership

$29.99 a month


  • Brazilian (sugar or wax).
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 30% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional service
  • 5 % off any products purchased in-store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Platinum Membership

$41.99 a month


  • Brazilian (wax or sugar).
  • Brow shaping (by any Browologist).
  • Upper lip threading.


  • 40% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off of products purchased in store
  • 10% discount for friends & family

Gold Membership



  • Full legs.
  • Brazilian (valid for both sugar and wax).
  • Brow shaping.
  • Upper lip threading.
  • Underarm waxing.


  • 50% off the services above
  • 10% off any additional services
  • 5% off products (in store only)
  • 10% for friends & family

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Bikini Line


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Full Back


Half Back


Full Legs


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Upper Legs


Full Legs Bikini Line


Full Legs Full Bikini


Full Legs Brazilian


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