100% Natural: Threading is the most natural method of hair-removal. A twisted loop of 100% cotton thread is rolled over the skin to grab and pull hair out of the roots.

Precise and Sanitary: Unlike tweezing (where one hair is removed at a time), each line of thread allows your Browologist to measure and create a precise shape.  The excess hair is quickly removed with each pull–but an expert can pull a single strand at a time. The regrowth takes anywhere between 12 to 20 days, depending on your hairgrowth rate.

Less Painful: Threading only targets the hair, not your skin. As such, it is significantly less painful than brow waxing  and causes much less swelling, redness, and irritation.

Highly recommended by dermatologists:  People with sensitive skin, rosacea, or acne who take Retin-A or Accutane find brow waxing to be substantially more harsh than threading.




Our effective and sanitary waxing services are performed by well-trained and licensed professionals. We are well-known for providing quick and relatively painless experiences. Our signature Brazilian hair-removal treatment is done using Azulene wax (infused with chamomile and honey for all skin types).

Keep in mind that your safety is our top priority – waxing must be done in a very clean and hygienic environment. No spatula is ever used more than once! Your esthetician will pick up a new one for each application. Post wax, aloe vera, rosewater, and a quick application of cold compress will soothe your skin.




Sugaring is by far the most gentle and ancient technique for hair-removal. Often credited as nature’s permanent hair removal,  the gentle paste is made from sugar, lemon, and hot water. Hibba’s salon is one of the very few places in NYC providing the authentic art of sugaring (also known as halawa gel). The solution is water-based and soluble– any residue is easily washed off with water.  Suitable for fine hair all over the body with the exception of eyebrows.

Not sure if sugar is for you? Come in for a free patch test to see the results and make a smart decision.


Brow Reformation

Frustrated with sparse arches? Fed up with super slow growth? Well, you are not alone. Regrowth can take months if the hair follicles aren’t damaged. And if so, they might never come back. Maybe you just weren’t born with those coveted Cara Delevigne brows or maybe they’ve just lost that extra oomph over the past few years. If so, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our arch guru Hibba Kapil is now a certified Brow Reformationist. Not to be confused with the frightening blue-green tattoos of the past, Hibba’s Brow Reformation is a semi-permanent, micro-pigmentation process that achieves a natural-looking result. A custom color and shape is created for each client before individual hair strokes are drawn into the first layer of the eyebrow dermis. The process takes about 2 hours, lasts for 1-2 years! You’ll never have to use a brow pencil again.

Post Care:

The color is at its darkest the first two weeks but will lighten up as your skin sheds the excess pigment. It cannot be wet with water for seven days during this healing process. A&D will be your best friend. Then come back in four weeks for a free touch-up to finalize a flawless look. The result? A super sexy brow shape that lasts. Seriously.


Hibba Mini Facial

Hibba Mini Facials are a solution for those of you who are crunched on time, but still need a pick me up for your skin that can restore hydration and glow while allowing the pores to breathe.  After researching for years, Hibba has put together a perfect entourage of products ranging from Skinfood, De Brandt and Caudelie amongst many others, which we shall keep as our secret!  Our facial process begins with cleansing, steaming and extraction, and then moves into toning, then finish off with a spa mask and amazing serum.


Eyelash Extensions

Coming soon….


Inspired to let your inner beauty shine through…

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