Eyebrow Threading New York

Eyebrow Threading New York
If you’re searching for a salon that performs professional eyebrow threading in New York, consider Hibba Beauty. As one of only a handful of salons in the area that does authentic eyebrow threading, Hibba Beauty is a local favorite when it comes to sculpting arches.
Eyebrow threading has gained huge popularity across New York and other western areas due to its affordability, reduced pain and the precision it affords. Clients love the look they get with threading. At Hibba Beauty, customers discover Hibba’s passion for the eyebrow threading process that clearly demonstrates her 12 years of experience in the field. Hibba is a perfectionist who is proud to be able to offer this ancient art of sculpting eyebrows for clients who appreciate precise and natural brows.
There are many benefits associated with eyebrow threading. In New York, it’s not easy to find a salon that offers an authentic experience, which is one reason why locals return to Hibba Beauty time after time. A few of the benefits that come with threading include:
- Less pain- always a good thing! Clients love that threading is quick and much less painful than waxing or tweezing. Skin at the eyebrow region is thin and sensitive and threading presents the best technique available to remove hair without causing abrasion to the skin, since threading never touches the skin.
- Great results. Threading allows unbelievable precision when it comes to sculpting the eyebrows. The threading process can remove an entire clean line of hair, so the eyebrows can be perfectly shaped very quickly. Be sure to have eyebrow threading performed in New York by a professional. There are many new threading salons popping up all over the inner cities of the US, most of which are not qualified to perform this ancient art.
- Long-lasting results with threading makes it a popular choice. Results can last from 2-5 weeks, but best of all perhaps is the fact that the hair follicles will begin to weaken after a few threading sessions, so they will start to produce finer hair, less often.
- Cost-effective means of first-rate beauty. Hibba Beauty offers some of the best prices for eyebrow threading in all of New York. Regular clients can save even more when it comes to threading. 
A few tips to follow before going in for an eyebrow threading session at Hibba Beauty in New York: 
1. For best results, don’t tweeze in-between sessions
2. Encourage growth in any sparse areas with an application of castor oil at night
3. Brush your eyebrows and apply brow gel to keep hair in place
4. If you decide to go blonde, don’t bleach your brows. They should always match the color of your roots.
5. Grow your brows out for at least 2 weeks for the most benefit from eyebrow threading.
In New York, Hibba Beauty offers 3 convenient locations, including their Columbus Circle location, Soho and Madison locations. Stop by or make an appointment by calling 212-260-4321.
Eyebrow Threading New York
Hibba Beauty
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