eyebrow threading Columbus Circle

eyebrow threading Columbus Circle
If you’re searching for a salon that offers professional eyebrow threading in Columbus circle, consider Hibba Beauty. Hibba’s 12 years of expertise in threading is one reason why clients return for threading sessions. You won’t find a more experienced professional in the area.
You may have heard about eyebrow threading but are still not exactly sure what it’s all about. That’s because threading is a relatively new technique in the US. Although eyebrow threading has been around for thousands of years, it has mainly been practiced in India. Hibba's grandmother in India taught her the art of threading and over the years, she has finely honed her skill to the point of being the go-to licensed browologist in the area. 
There are many start-up salons in the local Columbus Circle area; they seem to pop up overnight and are often gone just as quickly. This is because most lack the skill it takes to provide high quality threading services to their customers. Hibba Beauty is dedicated to their clients and providing great results. 
Through eyebrow threading in Hibba Beauty’s Columbus Circle salon you can experience the following benefits:
- Eyebrow shaping through threading can do more for your appearance than almost any other treatment, and for the affordable price, anyone can experience the results. You’ll find it well worth the cost and the effort to come in to Hibba Beauty for a threading session.
- If you’re looking for a quick youthful look, having your eyebrows shaped with threading can open the area of the eyes and give you more room to work with in applying cosmetics. A gentle arch in your eyebrows brings a younger appearance. Hibba Beauty provides the skill and experience you’re looking for to get the kind of results their clients love.
- With threading, you’ll experience regrowth of hair that is softer and finer, even less apt to grow back. Threading has been long known as the oldest permanent hair removal treatment around. Routine threading weakens the hair follicles which causes them to produce hair less often, as well as hairs that are thinner.
- Clients really appreciate that threading does not damage the underlying skin around the eyebrow area, so skin is not traumatized. For those with sensitive skin or who may not enjoy the pain that comes with tweezing, threading is a great option. Threading gently lifts hairs from the follicles instead of abruptly pulling them out.
- Your threading session will go much faster than tweezing or waxing because a clean line of hair can be removed in one move. Less time in the chair is a definite plus.
For more information about eyebrow threading in Columbus Circle, contact Hibba Beauty by calling 646-858-2405 or stop by when you’re in the area. Hibba Beauty is located at 1841 Broadway in Suite 1106 for the convenience of their clients. 
Discover what everyone else is talking about. Enjoy a threading session at Hibba beauty at one of the most affordable prices in the city.
eyebrow threading Columbus Circle
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