Eyebrow Shaping New York

Eyebrow Shaping New York
Hibba Beauty performs professional eyebrow shaping in their New York Salon with licensed experts trained to perform eyebrow threading. While many new salons are popping up across NYC claiming they have the skills to perform threading, the fact is there are still only a handful of places where the ancient art is done correctly.
Hibba Kapil learned the art of threading from her grandmother in India. With more than 12 years of experience and skill to offer her clients, Hibba Beauty remains one of the only salons to offer this traditional eyebrow shaping in New York. Hibba Beauty is committed to providing their clients a safe, positive and uplifting beauty experience that allows their inner beauty to shine.
Before allowing a salon to thread your eyebrows, it’s essential that you find out whether or not the salon has a staff that is trained and licensed in the field. Upon questioning, you’ll usually find they’ve only been at it a short amount of time, using their clients as a means to learn as they go. At Hibba Beauty, you’ll get the best results for your investment; in fact, eyebrow threading is one of the most affordable beauty treatments available from Hibba Beauty Salon.
If you’ve never had a threading session, consider the many benefits that come with eyebrow threading over waxing and tweezing:
- Threading has been around for longer than any other means of removing hair from the body. Only recently is the US beginning to learn about its advantages. This ancient art can be practices safely and effectively, offering a sanitary way to remove hair.
- Customers truly appreciate that eyebrow shaping by threading at Hibba Beauty is much less painful than any of the other techniques for removing hair. Since the thread never touches the sensitive skin near the eyebrow area, there is less abrasion and damage to the skin.
- Time-effective. Threading is quick and virtually painless. Customers love that they can have their eyebrows shaped in just a few minutes and be on their way. Even better, the effects last for a long time- usually 2-5 weeks. 
- Since threading stresses the hair follicles, it causes them to produce thinner hairs after a few sessions. Hairs that do come in do so less often and appear much thinner. 
- Cost-effective. Eyebrow shaping by threading at Hibba Beauty in New York is one of the most affordable treatment options there is. You’ll truly get your money’s worth when you come in for a threading session and regular clients save even more.
For more information about eyebrow shaping with threading, call Hibba Beauty in New York at 212-260-4321 or stop by any of the three convenient locations throughout NYC.
You’ll be so thrilled with the results you receive at Hibba Beauty, we know you’ll be back when it’s time to have your eyebrows threaded again. Tell your friends, there’s a salon in NY that performs authentic eyebrow threading at an affordable price.
Eyebrow Shaping New York
Hibba Beauty
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